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This page is a work in progress!
Typically, I shoot with a Nikon D-90 although
most day-to-day shots are with the iphone.

“I have no hobbies.”

That about sums up an extemporaneous speech from my freshman year of college. We’d drawn topics out of a hat and while I was glad to get “Talk about your hobbies” instead of “Explain bat fishing” (no joke), I was left at a total loss as to what to discuss. You see, back then I cultivated no real hobbies beyond reading, writing, napping and homework. Luckily, I’ve picked up a few more interests in the last decade and change.

One of my favorite pursuits lately? Photography! For my birthday many moons ago, Mr. T bought me my first digital SLR and it’s been true love ever since. Although I’m not a gearhead, I do salivate over the B&H catalogue. I adore acquiring new lenses and gadgets. But most of all, I love exploring the world through a viewfinder. This is helpful as most of my photography revolves around projects and travel as you’ll see below.

I’ve arranged travel and photo posts loosely by events/projects, trips/travel and extended trips such as the Hopscotch Honeymoon. At the end is a loooong list of links for the Daily Pixel photo project I completed in 2012 which was a take-a-picture-everyday challenge. Also, a ton of my photos revolve around airplanes and aviation, so most of those posts are grouped in the “Aviation” tab. Enjoy!

Events and Projects:


Trips and Travel

Pacific Northwest tour

Alaska Adventures:

Hopscotch Honeymoon

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