The Life Force

Moore Coffee tea and spices papua new guinea peaberry In high school, I was voted “Most Likely to Own a Coffee Shop” after spending countless days and hours with friends at “our” Starbucks near campus. In college, my senior project was a book proposal entitled “Coffee People,” where I proposed (and should finish writing*) a non-fiction piece that delineates the five “types” of coffee shop patrons. I’ve studied with coffee, gone on dates with coffee, poured out my soul to friends with coffee… If I counted the dollars and hours, I’d say that a significant portion of my energy has been directed toward the bean.

But, it wasn’t until my first job in Ukiah and subsequently meeting Mr. T that I was introduced to the Life Force… Papua New Guinea Peaberry. When T told me about his new online find, I teased him for being a coffee snob and gave him a rash of crap… until I tasted it. Almost immediately, I went from sweet vanilla lattes to drinking peaberry black (although with half a teaspoon of sugar, I can’t help it), and I’ve hardly looked back. I still drink Starbucks on occasion, and I tolerate sampling other types of coffee, but in the end, nothing compares to this varietal. To say nothing of the caffeine content that keeps me hooked, I truly enjoy the bold but smooth flavor and as the web site describes: “full bodied, dark chocolate undertones with a long sweet finish.” (Do make sure to read that with your best wine snob voice, okay?)

If you are so inclined, check out Moore Coffee Tea & Spices. It’s a small, family owned business run by Gayla Moore** and her husband.


* Coffee People was born out of my Starbucks studying/writing habits, and the random people I met along the way. One of these days, I’ll tell you about Mad Dog, the homeless man who took several hours telling me the secrets to life, or the time I finally found out what Yellow Book Man was reading over and over and over.

** Although T found this company randomly on the internets, Gayla turned out to be childhood pals with one of my dear friends from work. If you buy something, tell her Shawna and Tim said hi. She has extraordinary customer services and seems to remember her customers.

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