Happy Stupid Love Day from a serious sap

I’ve referenced the high holy holiday of love as “Stupid Love Day” for as long as I can remember. The hostility probably harkens back to high school when I had no Valentine, but the feeling persisted through college and beyond. Historically, I was annoyed not to have a Valentine. Mostly though, I found/find the Hallmark-a-zation of any holiday gag-inducing. Shouldn’t we love each other all year long? Why do I need a particular day (and cards, and flowers, and chocolates, etc.) to demonstrate love?

Of course this commentary conflicts with my seriously sappy romantic nature. Just ask Mr. T who has smooshy cards coming out of his ears. Last year, I think I bought five V-day cards of various types and hid them all around the house. I put one on top of his razor, hid one in his car, sent one inter-campus mail to his office. These cards were on top of the homemade card/menu featuring “House of Love Chopped Salad” (with HEARTS of palm), “Adoring Artichoke Bisque” (with artichoke HEARTS of fire) and “Romantically Roasted Chicken” (with crazy-about-you carrots and passion-filled potatoes). Don’t ask me what passion-filled potatoes are, but I’m certain they were tasty.

While it seems contradictory to serve a syrupy-sounding menu for a holiday referenced with disdain, I think it’s about authenticity. Sappy crap (with a side of sarcasm) is totally ME. Classic romance (the flowers I got at work, the delicious dinner tonight) is totally T. And so, to each their own!

What I do find most important is telling the one(s) we love how much we do, in fact, love them. As I read through the news tonight, it seems we have a shortage of love in this world. So whether it’s by conversation hearts or heart-felt conversation, do tell your special ones how special they are.


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