Proud mama bear

This afternoon I was walking up the stairs to my office when I ran into my at-school boss, a formidable lady I don’t know too terribly well. I must have had a stupid grin on my face because she asked me what was up. “My sister’s famous,” I said, and she looked at me quizzically. I explained that my sis led a band in Brooklyn, and they were featured on a very important web site today… hopefully one of those “big breaks” as they say in “the business.” (As if I know! haha) I told Dr. Edson (as I’ve told people for the last 12 years or so), “She’s going to be a rock star some day.”

And I mean it. My sister is one of those incredible people who is going after her dream with every fiber of her being. Unlike those “Idol hopefuls” who stand in line all day and then cry about their “one chance,” she’s busting her ass in a tough business, singing her heart out and creating art with her band mates at every opportunity. She gets a lot of crap for the life she leads–indeed a true starving artist style that yuppies like me don’t always understand–but I think it takes a lot of guts and nerve to pursue a dream so voraciously.

So, my toast to you, dear sister. Hurry up and get famous! And for the rest of you, oh faithful 14 readers, check out North Highlands. Buy the album on itunes. Fly to Brooklyn to see a concert. Go!


P/S Check out Brenda Malvini and North Highlands here:

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