I think happy therefore I am happy?

One of my friends is teaching a class in positive communication strategies this semester. The good news? Lots of interesting research and tips. For instance, they’ve done studies of Olympic medalists. Apparently bronze medalists are happier on average than silver. Why? Because they are damn grateful not to be fourth. Silvers, apparently, are pissy not to be first. Interesting, right? It’s all about perspective apparently.

The bad news about sharing an office with this kind of tidbit giver… You can’t ever complain around him because he reframes everything to see the bright side. Didn’t get the grant you applied for? At least your good friend did. Didn’t get assigned the class you wanted? At least you get to teach, which is more than some people can say. It’s slightly irritating but I can’t help but appreciate his perpetually positive outlook, especially when he tells me that by engaging in positive self-talk, you can actually trick your body into feeling better thus reducing stress and negative emotions. Huh. Who knew?

So, at the almost-end of one of “those days,” I am sitting here desperately trying to reframe and appreciate the feast of crappola I’ve been served in the last 24 hours. The really good news? I’m happy, healthy and get a new day tomorrow. AND I get to see Mr. T in t-3 hours. Woo!


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