Thursday 13: Potpourri

I know this is now technically “Friday 13,” but I started it yesterday and forgot to post. So, a little (late) potpourri…

1. Highlight: My sister’s band being featured in The L Magazine, a New York lifestyle rag! Go North Highlands!!! I am a proud mama bear and I can’t wait to see the hard copy!

2. Runner-up:
North Highlands getting written up on some other cool blog. Yay for momentum!!! Can’t wait to hear them on the radio. πŸ™‚

3. Fright: Grey hairs on my right-side part. I know this is silly. I’ve had grey hairs since high school. It’s genetic. But they’ve lived pretty much on my standard left-side part. That they appeared on the right is terrifying.

4. Bright side: My mom is a hairdresser. Greys don’t last long!

5. Good news/bad news: My engagement photos are today(!), but it’s raining (boo!).

6. Weirdness: I felt compelled to learn the Rosary yesterday. I’m not very good at memorization (apparently) but feel compelled to say it correctly. Hail Mary, full of grace… The weird part is that I’m not Catholic AND I learned it from a.m. radio. Just a bit odd.

7. Fab news: One of my papers was accepted for presentation at the next National Communication Association convention. It will be in San Francisco this November. Woohoo!!!

8. Sad news:
One of my favorite papers I’ve ever written was rejected. Uh-gain. Whatev, I will find it a home!

9. Hilariousness: Mr. T saved a crazy episode of Southpark for me. Not for the faint of heart, “Medicinal Fried Chicken” with a men-riding-their-balls montage (it really can’t be explained well via text) has me chuckling as I type!

10. Nerdiness: Gave my students an exam the other day. Not that they loved it or anything, but it was SO COOL to “see” the learning happening. They discussed, debated, drew, argued, critiqued… it was fantastic!

11. Photo coolness: V. Sattui in Napa. Twas a lovely day for a picnic!

12. Friendliness: Our raucous band of merry-makers, with purple teeth!

13. Funniness: Things that happen when you’re small. (Sorry Carolyn!)

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