My sister, the rock star

My baby sister stole all of the musical talent in the family. As in left the rest of us* tone-deaf and useless at anything but playing the radio. She started playing the sax in fourth grade (or something close) and then moved on to the flute, guitar, voice, piano and probably maracas and tambourine by now. She began her studies at San Francisco State before heading off to hone her skills in the big apple at NYU. All the while her goal was clear: Rock star. Indie rock star, anyway.

Well, she and her band, North Highlands are getting closer and closer! They’ve got an album, a new multi-state music tour and just yesterday their newest song “Hiking” was featured on the high profile music web site, Pitchfork, with the fabulous photo above.

Have I mentioned what a proud mama bear I am? It seems like yesterday that we looked like this:

Me helping B get a drink at Fairy Tale Town.

Now my sister is selling records, playing shows, going on tour and being recognized publicly for her musical talent. SO COOL!


*Okay, maybe I’m just bitter that I can’t carry a tune!

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