Of marquees and memories

On my bathroom sink, I keep this picture:

It’s me and my sis at Fairytale Town, a favorite childhood haunt. B is the little squirt getting a drink and that’s me, helping. Even though we’re now in our mid and late (wow, I said it) 20s, I still picture her as my baby sister. So, when I see pictures like THIS:

North Highlands rocking out (photo from Brenda’s Facebook)

And this:

North Highlands’ first marquee (also stolen from B’s Facebook)

I wonder where the time has gone. Even more, when I read articles like THIS, which talk about B’s “honeyed drawl” and North Highlands dominating the show, I am tickled. More than tickled. When I read the link, I screamed… in my car, at the gym parking lot, in front of other patrons. And you know what? I don’t care! I am SO proud of Brenda and the boys. Way to live the dream and kick its ass. Bravo!!!


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