Thursday 13: An ode to the Answer to the Ultimate Question

My beloved marks another year tomorrow and in keeping with my established September theme, I will honor him for Thursday Thirteen. Here goes, 13 random things about Mr. T!

1. He was the cutest baby ever!

See what I mean?
Ultimate cuteness here.

2. A social butterfly he is

Photo by the amaaaazing Beth Baugher of True Love Photo

One of the surprising things about T is his ability to work a crowd. I love throwing parties with him because he is the consumate host–joking, laughing, keeping people happy. He makes great small talk even at awkward events like the work wedding shower. Just fabulous!

3. He’s got a seriously great butt

This would be T “ignoring” me as we walked to the airport at Shelter Cove

I would say I’m biased in this, but I have seen his buns being scoped out. You should see him in dress pants. 😉

4. Controlled danger is his game

Hand-propping the Culver Cadet. Me no like.

Motorcycles, planes, aerobatics, chain saws… my sweetheart likes the controlled danger, I mean excitement and adventure and adrenaline. Me? Not so much.

5. He’s a good sport

Bella and Edward copycat by Beth Baugher of True Love Photo

Not only did he heartily help plan the wedding extravaganza, T was game for the extreme-sport version of engagement photos. We didn’t just sit in the field, we owned that field. Ditto for the flag, Albatross and Stearman! Tee hee! One of the things I love about T is the way he goes along for some of my goofball ideas.

6. Signature squinty-eyed smiles

Mexico, 2008

When he’s really smiling, you’re hard-pressed to see an eyeball on Mr. T. Some people presume he blinks all the time, but no, he just smiles so big the eyes go squinty. Quite the opposite of bug-eyed me.

7. My number one supporter

Graduating with my master’s from Sacramento State, 2009

I’ve already penned the dedication to my dissertation: Thank you Mr. T! Not only did he provide unlimited support during my master’s program, he’s being unwavering during my PhD adventure… in another state. I know it sounds cliche, but I couldn’t do it without him behind me. (Of course, I am keenly aware I will pay him back in warbirds. It all works out.)

8. Goofy faces are his fav

St. Paddy’s Day celebration at the airport

Why smile when you can scrunch, squint and stick out your tongue?

9. Passionate obsession

T in his happy place, at Oshkosh, 2010

When he was a little boy, he hand wrote specs for probably all of the airplanes ever invented. Since then, he’s kept a mental inventory of everything aviation. From flying, fixing and photographing airplanes, the man is obsessed. What’s more, he works to improve his skills as a pilot so that he can continue pursuing his passion with excellence.

10. Jet-setting

With my Marm and sister, B at Ellis Island, 2009.

In addition to Air Redden, we have a lot of fun traveling together. He’s a great road tripper and adventurer. If you want to take the scenic route, eat at holes-in-the-wall and work on being a traveler versus a tourist, Mr. T is your guy.

11. Ohhhh the romance

At Shelter Cove on our anniversary in 2009

Flowers, birthday dinners, love notes, random prezzies… T has an uncanny ability to make me feel so incredibly special.

12. He’s good with his hands

Walking around for “the look” while taking pictures before our wedding.
Photo by the amaaaazing Beth Baugher of True Love Photo

In addition to cleaning up nicely (I couldn’t resist another tux picture), the man is a talented tinkerer. He works on airplanes, fixes cars, creates audio equipment, installs attic wiring… I’m convinced there is no task too challenging.

13. Faithful

Vows. Photo by the amaaaazing Beth Baugher of True Love Photo

Without being too mushy because he is probably embarrassed already, I will just say that T is the kindest, smartest, wonderfullest person I know and it is the best feeling to know that he is by my side forever. I’m one lucky woman!

Happy birthday sweetheart!


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