I could be offended, but instead, let’s talk about molasses chews…

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A couple months ago, it occurred to me that one of my most popular posts was about cookies. Not cookies I made or developed a recipe for, mind you, but a silly shout out the goodness that is the Trader Joe’s Candy Cane Joe-Joe. Now, I could be offended that that post receives the most traffic of anything here on the Blue Muse, but why? Why stew when I can introduce you to a new favorite from the purveyors of all things delicious.

Look up for my latest obsession, Molasses Chews. Now, I didn’t even know I liked molasses cookies until last year when I sampled them at the Russell’s New Year’s party. On a hormone fueled lark, I picked up a bag of these bad boys the other day (prior to the convo with a very nosy Russian) and have not looked back since. They are the perfect amount of tangy molasses, spicy ginger and chewy goodness.

In other confection related news, The Pioneer Woman is having “cookie week” and I want to make just about all of ’em. Any favorite cookie recipes* you care to share?


* The only cookies I make with any regularity are Tollhouse chocolate chip. I make them my own by tripling the amount of vanilla. De-lish. When I’m feeling devilish, I pull a Bunny Reed and roll them in sugar. A-mazing. 

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