Ring, ring, ring, ring… the sound of giving (I hope)!

A sound I always associate with Christmas is the tinkling of the Salvation Army bell. A few years ago when I lived in Ukiah, my Kiwanis club volunteered for spots and inevitably I took the evening round at my local Albertson’s. Although I spent the hours frozen solid, irritating myself with the inability to keep a good rhythm going, and sometimes scaring kidlets who were after candy canes, I remember the experience fondly. It felt like I was actually doing some good, even if just standing around smiling and shaking a bell.

Although I am short on hours at present, the Salvation Army has an ingenious new “virtual kettle” dealie bop. So consider this my ringing… I’ve set up my own kettle and am trying to raise $200 this holiday season. If you care to donate a dollar or two or ten, just click here.


For more information about the Salvation Army and its mission to feed the hungry, help the homeless, and just generally take care of folks, visit: http://salvationarmyusa.org/usn/www_usn_2.nsf

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