Thursday 13: The Life List, Part I

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’m one of those list makers, particularly when it comes to annual goals. To complement the yearly objectives, I keep a running list of things-to-do-before-I-die. One day, I will be cool like my blog friend (and amazing map-maker!) Penny Pantomime who keeps a beautifully organized page on her web site called The List. She’s got goals divided into sub-categories like restaurants to visit, photography goals, races to run, performances to see, etc. I envy the organization. Until then, I’ll develop my Life List in awkward increments for a go-to Thursday 13 post. Enjoy!bucket-list

Thirteen things I want to do before I die:

1. Mais oui, speak French fluently. Any meaningful knowledge from my high school and college French classes long since departed my brains. (Sorry Jean Paul and Mrs. Weber!) Luckily, Mr. T is also a French class flunky, so I plan to drag him along for these lessons.

2. Carry a tune, consistently. T and B can attest: My ability to carry a tune is like my ability to complete complex mathematical equations… distinctly lacking. Even though T doesn’t think they’ll help, I’m probably going to take a singing lesson or two before I kick off. I just want to sing a whole song without hurting neighboring ears, okay?

3. Visit the old country. All of ’em. From my heritage, this means Italy, Belgium, Sweden and France. For T, I think we’re headed to Germany. I want to see some castles, dammit! 😉

4. Learn to fly. Pragmatically, with all the flying we do, I need to be able to land the bird in case of emergency. From a curiosity standpoint, I want to see what all of the fuss is about!

5. Write a book. And not just those academic ones, although at this point, any tome will do!

6. Finish War & Peace. It’s been 10 years since I tried last. Some day, some day.

7. Dine at The French Laundry. This one is a long ways off since The French Laundry, a top rated restaurant in the greater Napa Valley, will set you back many benjamins per meal. We’ll see!

8. Make truffles. After sitting on my annual to-do list for the last three years, I actually read up on the process of truffle making summer before last. Too many moving parts, but definitely some day.

9. Pay off student loans. Feels like a brain mortgage. Some day, I will actually own this knowledge free and clear!

10. Finish painting the house. Bedroom: I’m coming for you this summer!

11. Establish the Shawna Malvini Redden Communication Scholarship. Yes, a dedicated communication grant so poor comm majors like me do not have to lament #9 as much (while bitching about the plethora of science scholarships).

12. Donate platelets. I keep meaning to but either I’m out of time or too anemic. Maybe this summer after chowing down on oatmeal and iron supplements.

13. Be Dr. Malvini Redden. Predictable, but definitely on the list!

What would be on your Life List??


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