Gnomes-be-gone and other things

Designed by Fred Conlon

Sour stomach, pounding heart, butterfly bombers, pinched shoulders, fitful sleep… Can you say anxiety? Welcome to the physiological responses to my impending comps deadline.

While I am crafting Operation Kick Ass Comps blog posts for you (stay tuned this afternoon!), I’m also trying to keep up my spirits. Case in point: gnomes-be-gone! Ian posted a link to these badboys on Twitter this morning and me thinks I could go broke in anti-gnome garden art. Fantastic.

I’ve also been obsessively stalking one-week-old Elanor Grace, my newest niece (see Puppies & Pancakes for incredibly cute photos), and dancing around my office to Benefits by North Highlands.

What do you folks do to keep from going mad before stressful events? Do tell.


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