Happy birthday Brenda Lynn!

When I think of how mean I was to my little sister growing up, I’m surprised she likes me today. Like when we’d play Atari or later, Nintendo, I’d tell her it was a two-player game but really I’d keep it on one player and let her futz with a useless controller while I kept playing. Or I’d swap two, yes two, of my $1 bills in exchange for her sad, single $5 bill. And then there was that time period where I’d convinced her she was adopted…

In any case, I’m glad she forgot and/or forgave me for those sisterly indiscretions. And I’m double glad that she’s in California this week because I get to help her celebrate the beginning of her 26th year… at Disneyland no less. I’m sure that will make up for the adoption thing. Right?

Dearest sister, I hope this year is a most beautiful and blessed one. I hope it’s filled with joy and music and love and adventures and maybe a recording contract or two. And I hope you know the world is better for having you in it. Happy birthday, I love you!


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