The Daily Pixel- Christmas waffles in January

Apparently I didn’t get my fill of Christmas waffles over the holidays. To commemorate the taking-down of Christmas, I greased up my new waffle iron and made a Sunday morning feast of my getting-to-be-famous raised Belgian waffles. Mr. T crafted his needs-to-be-patented berry compote. We’ll go back to our health plan soon, I swear.

January 8, 2012

One of my favorite foods on the planet. For the recipe, click here.


Great news. I learned this weekend that leftover batter can be refrigerated and reused for a couple days. It also works to cook up all the batter, freeze waffles and then reheat in the toaster.


My favorite variation is with fresh strawberries like they do at the Sunflower Hill Inn in Moab, Utah. Sigh.


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