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This morning, I peeked out from the covers and croaked, “Where’s the coffee?” to Mr. T who typically makes the Life Force on Sundays.

“It’s in the beans” he replied back quickly and with such sincerity, I couldn’t help but chuckle. (And then demand he hightail it to the kitchen. Enough cuteness, we needs our caffeine now!)

I feel the same way about my Daily Pixels, those everyday slices of life I promised and have been Bogarting for the last, oh, two and a half weeks. They’re around, I assure you, I’ve just been remiss at squeezing them out of my various cameras and sharing them. So, here you go… 17 snaps from Sacramento to Phoenix and back again with some gardening, formation flying, and family festivities mixed in.

#109- April 18- Sunrise at 36,000 feet

Always the best part of flying at 6 a.m.

#110- April 19- My happy place

Bosa Donuts in Tempe, AZ. These donuts have inspired a Pavlovian reaction in my friend Geeta and me. Whenever we see or Skype each other, one of us inevitably admits: “I want a donut.”

#111- April 20- Scoping out neighbor flowers

Are these gladiolas?

#112- April 21- Oops!

#113- April 22- Ahhh, my love

Star of my summer garden: Fragrant basil.

#114- April 23- Present for T/Bane of my existence

Staying trim is IMPOSSIBLE when there’s Boudin nearby. Best sourdough ever!

#115- April 24- Full squares

Thank you to Home Depot and Lowe’s for having a giant plant sale right when I needed it. All 36 garden box squares are accounted for now.

#116- April 25- Sunrise over the Sierras

Good to see snow in Yosemite.

#117- April 26- My Million Dollar garden

Four years on, Mr. T still gives me a hard time about garden start-up costs. So I respond in kind and jack up the “worth” of each item of produce e.g., “Babe, how do you like that $50 wad of basil?” or “How them $100 tomatoes tasting?” It works.

#118- April 27- West Coast Formation Flying Clinic 2012

Last weekend, I joined T at the West Coast Ravens formation flying clinic in Madera, California near Fresno. 57 pilots and 56 Vans RVs took part! (Details and photos to come, of course.)

#119- April 28- My personal airshow

At the clinic, I took photos for fun and fieldnotes for research. Pretty exhilarating to see formations like this buzzing overhead!

#120- April 29- The All-Up


The crowning achievement of the clinic is the “All Up,” a 32-ship formation of RVs. Pretty darn spectacular. More photos soon!

#121- April 30- My first gnome

Not sure how I’ve gone this long without a gnome in my life.

#122- May 1- Tulip time

My very favorite fleurs.

#123- May 2- Subtly

In the security line at Sac International. And I thought my red roller bag was loud.

#124- May 3- Love me a fruit stand!

On the way home from the airport, I popped by a roadside fruit stand and picked up these beauties. Just another perk of California living I think.

#125- May 4- Naptastic dogaroo

Goliath is adept at following the sunlight around the house for snoozing.

#126- May 5- Sophisticated family supper

For my father-in-law, Ray-Dad’s, birthday, our fam headed to the iconic Tower Cafe in downtown Sacramento. Naturally, we were shy and retiring, especially Walrus Uncle Tim, and nieces Sydney and Emily. My favorite moment of the night? When T convinced (and by “convince” I mean loosely suggested) Sydney (in the middle) to cram a plate-sized napoleon in her mouth. No one choked, least of all me from laughing my head off.

What have you been up to?


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