The Daily Pixel: The downhill slide

In snapping Daily Pixels, I stayed keenly aware of the day of the year. When we hit the 300 mark, I thought “Wow, it’s a downhill slide until Christmas.” And sure enough the last three weeks have careened by. How are we already doing the Thanksgiving thing? Pretty soon I’ll be making New Year’s resolutions… Eek. Until then…

#304- Oct 30- Goliath “helping” carve pumpkins

When I invited Goliath onto the front porch to keep me company carving pumpkins (so that he wouldn’t sit behind the front door and bark at me!), he immediately hopped in my lap, oblivious to the carving knives and pumpkin guts flying around.

#305- Oct 31- Happy Halloween!

It’s not Halloween without the smell of fresh pumpkin!

#306- Nov 1- DIY ergonomics for the win

I love, love, love my stand-up desk!

#307- Nov 2- I have no recollection of taking this picture.

Which really cramps my caption writing style.

#308- Nov 3- Berryessa Gap Paella Cook-Off

A yummy night with lovely friends.

#309- Nov 4- Love. Pure love.

Brown butter vanilla bean rice krispy treats in progress. Uh-mazing. Thank you Baked Bree.

#310- Nov 5- Emily’s Christmas gift

Come on, won’t she love it?

#311- Nov 6- Fall in the Sierras

Purdy, isn’t it?

#312- Nov 7- The best way to celebrate a defense

Four Peaks blackened chicken nachos. I die. Congrats again to Dr. Geeta Khurana Nemmers!!!

#313- Nov 8- Cheater Alert

Grocery clerks look askance when I snap photos of my purchases, but whatev. I’m thinking next year’s photo project will be food related. We’ll see. The “Cheater Alert” is because I’m subbing a Nov 7 photo for Nov 8 because my Nov 8 photos were too horrible for words.

#314- Nov 9- Spectacular Sacramento skies

Considering last year’s drought, I’m delighted by our recent rain.

#315- Nov 10- Crispy halibut with lemon-basil sauce

So, so, so good. Get the recipe here. I skipped the zucchini ribbons and cut the butter in half. My sauce was more liquidy so next time I’ll serve it in a bowl next to the fish. Poured on top, it seemed to make the panko crust a little soggy.

#316- Nov 11- Young Eagles take to the sky!

On Sunday, Mr. T’s flying group introduced nearly 70 kids to flight via the Experimental Aircraft Association’s Young Eagles program. Yours truly played pinch hitter photographer. Too cool.

#317- Nov 12- Happy days are here again

Well, cleaner dishes anyway. Our 10-year old model has decided not to drain anymore and instead of spending hundreds on replacement parts (and a zillion hours of Mr. T’s time), we found a newer machine on Craig’s List. While I’m away at a conference, T’s going to install it. Yay!

#318- Nov 13- Ambivalence from a Christmas crazy

On the one hand, I love all this Christmas crap. You know how I like to pretty things up. But maaaaaannnnnnn. Lame Christmas carols before Thanksgiving? It’s going to be a long five weeks!


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