The Daily Pixel: Making magic

Don’t let the cute face fool you. Who gave me three
“draw four” cards? This guy.

In between hands of post-Thanksgiving dinner Uno, I leaned over and planted a kiss on top of 5-year old Myles’ curl-covered forehead. Immediately, he whipped up his palm, dramatically wiping off the kiss. He asked with surprise (and maybe a touch of disdain), “What did ya kiss me for??”

“Because you’re cute,” I replied.

As he shot contemplative glances at me (while demanding another hand of cards), another grown up assured him that the feelings would be different in 10 years.

And I thought, wow, how quickly time passes. Like magic, Myles is already five. And it’s already past Thanksgiving. And it’s already time to think about the new year. Luckily these lightning fast days are filled with lots of joy and love (mostly, anyway). See…

#319- Nov 14- Travelers I loathe

What you see here is an airline seat, completely reclined. More specifically, you see the seat in front of ME completely outstretched before taking off from Sacramento to Florida. Not pictured is my stunned and horrified face, although the reclining fellow must have caught a glimpse because he switched seats with his young child across the aisle which allowed me to use my laptop for the four hour flight (thank gawd!). This same situation inspired “Shawna’s guide to airport/airplane etiquette” last Fall.

#320- Nov 15- Visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

More pictures here. I’m fairly well counting the days until the West Coast version opens up in California in a few years.

#321- Nov 16- Why go to Disney World when you can listen to academic panels??

Stan Deetz reflects on a panel presentation about his 1992 book “Democracy in the Age of Corporate Colonization.” My favorite quote was Stan saying “I know we’re competing with Mickey Mouse. Somehow that feels so right.”

#322- Nov 17- Disney World’s Swan and Dolphin hotels aka the strangest place ever to host an academic conference

Want a recipe for surreal? Plant an academic conference in an establishment known for cultivating fantasy. Having the National Communication Association annual meetings at Disney World resorts last week was nothing short of bizarre. Setting aside the exorbitant cost of food and amenities (all big hotels are overpriced), the overt juxtaposition of conference goers and vacationers was jarring.

#323- Nov 18- A very German dishwasher

Reading the manual for our new-to-us Bosch dishwasher… didn’t take me long to “appreciate” the very organized and methodical guidelines.

#324- Nov 19- Shawna’s first football game

Got to see the 49ers crush the Bears at Candlestick park last week. SO COOL! I don’t follow any sports and I’ve never understood the compulsive draw of fandom. Sitting between season ticket holders at a pro football game? I get it now. (Sorta. My grad school brain wouldn’t shut off and between plays I wondered about all of the constructions of masculinity and glorification of violence.)

#325- Nov 20- Crunch.

Sacramento’s been showing some serious color this Fall.

#326- Nov 21- Hungry eyes

Such longing.

#327- Nov 22- Happy Turkey Day!

Traditional turkey dinner at my mom’s. Sigh.

#328- Nov 23- Thanksgiving dinner, the second

Thank you to our friends, the Russells, for hosting a beautiful gathering.

#329- Nov 24- Emily’s new bedroom set

I’ve threatened to give my sister Emily this bedroom set as a housewarming present, complete with bonus coffee table! (Sacramento friends, it’s for sale. Solid oak.)


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