The Daily Pixel: It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Mr. T shouted out from the shower, “Your hairs are clogging the drain again!”

As I applied mascara, I replied, “Congratulations!”

Bewildered, he just looked back me for a second as I explained, “If my hairs are clogging the drain, that means they’re long again just how you like ’em. Congratulations!” (Subtext: Have fun cleaning out that drain, sucker.)

Sooo, over the last several weeks, my short-hair-hating-husband has observed that I seem to be losing more hair than usual. Since I normally shed a lot anyway, that’s saying something. I chalk it up to school/job stress and have been trying to find ways to relieve the tension. Dork that I am, I revisited this post about battling stress and luckily, I’ve had lots of opportunities for some of my favorite activities… traveling, cooking, exercising, gardening and DECORATING. See…

#330- Nov 25- A blank canvas

So what if I skipped and danced down the street (literally) as we carried this 9-foot could-be fir into the house? You know, and then put it together. All hail the perpetually perfect Christmas tree.

#331- Nov 26- Unpacking the magic

It’s at this point that I wonder how the hell I’ve accumulated so much Christmas crap and feel daunted by the impending work.

#332- Nov 27- A work in progress

And then I get to this point and SMILE. Big cheesy, Christmas grins.

 #333- Nov 28- How Goliath eats Brussels sprouts

Pretty much like his mama. Although I have historically hated sprouts, this recipe with lemon, garlic and gruyere is fantastic. Goliath’s sprout was raw and plain though.

#334- Nov 29- Crunchy leaf walk

Caught a spectacular display of Fall colors before a ginormous storm hit Sacramento.

#335- Nov 30- A break in the rain

Driving to Dillon Beach took forever thanks to traffic and flooded roads.

 #336- Dec 1- December days at Dillon Beach

Many more photos here.

#337- Dec 2- Bye bye Dillons!

Surprisingly lovely on the coast.

 #338- Dec 3- Woulda been a perfect White Elephant gift!

Adult feety pajamas… I die.

 #339- Dec 4- 50 Shades of Chicken


 #340- Dec 5- Drawing out theoretical ideas

Clearly not an artist, am I?

 #341- Dec 6- Look out, there’s a man in my kitchen!

After a disappointing restaurant ziti, Mr. T took matters into his own hands to create a spicy, delicious pasta bake. Garlicky and cheesy and made by someone else… Swoon.

 #342- Dec 7- Roof turkey

A flock of surprisingly decent-flying turkeys clucked through the backyard sending Goliath into a tizzy this afternoon. I’m the nutcase neighbor who yells at turkeys, for the record.

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