Thursday 13: Project Green Thumbs Season 5 to-dos

It all started with the desire for home grown tomatoes. Somehow, that little goal morphed into a full veggie patch and a veritable obsession with growing things. First veggies, then trees and flowers. Some day, fruit trees and berries, too!

It’s hard to believe (to me, at least), but I’m starting my fifth season as a gardener. Going on five years of playing in the dirt and hoping to heaven that some of my tomatoes survive (last year was rough!) and that the slugs/snails go away. Now that I’m just about post-dissertation, I look forward to learning more and doing better. In the mean time, I’ve carved out a Thursday 13 to-do list to kick off Project Green Thumbs Season 5. Please wish me luck!

1. Tree trimming

Not these 8-9 foot Chanticleer pears, but definitely the 30-50 foot heritage oaks.

2. Bark laying

A 2012 holdover. This planter bed, okay ALL the planter beds, will need bark soon.

3. Border widening

In my quest to reduce the grass in my life, I planted trees a couple years ago. Then last Spring, I added new flowerbeds. This year, I think I’ll expand the tree borders and plant more bright fleurs.

4. Fence prettification

What do you think? Creeping vines? Hanging baskets? Sunflowers?

5. Filling in with herbs

Last summer, I wove in cilantro, basil, thyme, oregano and chives into the flowerbed. Herbs 15 steps from my kitchen? Perfect!

6. Weeding and things

The never ending battle. Please note my lovely tulips coming up. Can’t wait to see them bloom.

7. Filling in the blanks

Not sure what to do in this corner. Last year, I stuck two potted tomatoes over here.

8. Back-40 weed whacking

Just about time to battle the 6-foot weeds.

9. Stump removing

We’ve got two stumps that need to go. This one is blocking our future patio!

10. Veggie garden prepping

Oh, the weeding and the soil amendments in my future.

11. Fixing up the garden art

Between you and me, I’m shocked that 85% of the frames stayed up over the winter!

12. More weeding

It never ends.

13. Backyard oasis plans!

Mr. T and I are hell bent to transform the Back 40 this year! Picture shrubs and paths and patios instead of weeds and junk. Sacramento friends– Anyone know a fabulous landscaper?


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