Cracking the night away at the Jesuit High School Crab Feed

2014 Jesuit High School Booster Crab Feed:
Enjoying good food for a great cause

I scanned the auditorium, trying not to pass out. The vision of a few hundred people crunching through crustaceans… the odor of the sea… the mounting piles of exoskeletons… It was a lot for a then-kosher non-seafood lover to take.

Nearly 10 years later, I’ve gotten over the squeamishness that was my first crab feed, and actually look forward to our annual jaunt to the Jesuit High School Boosters shindig. We attend the annual fundraiser as guests of dear friends, and celebrate with alumni from Mr. T’s alma mater. It’s always a fabulous evening and supports a great cause: educating kids.

Current students work as table servers and I get a kick out of watching the interactions of parents and volunteers, pretending I might bid on the silent auction items, and of course, eating the mountains of food.

It’s especially cool to observe the vast community connected to the school and meet the younger generations coming up through Mr. T and friends’ old stomping grounds. And of course, no Crab Feed would be complete without a recounting of some of the more infamous high school exploits, not to be named here. Instead, enjoy some snaps…

The Crab Feed team develops super cool decor.
The event features various fundraising components including a silent auction for goods/services, a silent cake auction and a raffle. I SO wanted this crab pot cake I didn’t bid on.
Many, many crabs for many, many people.
Dear friends, Carolyn and Brendan.
Our generous hosts, Deb and Tom.
Mike and Teresa, up from Southern California, finally!
Angela and Frank.
Do you understand the punny title of this post now?
Crab monster.
FINALLY won a raffle. Got Coors Light and a $10 gift card to Red Robin. HELLO White Elephant!
You know what’s awesome? In a crowd, stare upwards and see how long it takes for others to look up, too.
It only takes 3-ish seconds, if you point.
BFFs in a now-classic crab feed pose.
Crab feed: Not a dainty affair!


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