Thursday 13: It wouldn’t be Christmas without a banana bunker

A Christmas-scape, the newest addition to my holiday decor. Last year, yours truly got crafty and hot glued all of those medium-sized trees. Yes, that was a lot of trips to Michael’s.

Another holiday season in the books. As I started to pull down the decor this week (yes, shocking, I know), I was reminded that while all of the meals and gifts and events and cards and what have you are a lot of work, I’m already looking forward to next year’s celebrations. Before the New Year gets into full swing, I thought I’d traipse down memory lane for an it’s-been-altogether-too-long Thursday 13.

1. When East Coasters come to play

So this is technically from Thirdsgiving, but since that was early December, I’m including it. Marm, B, Em and me!
Goofin’ at the California Capitol
Finally got to meet B’s boyfriend, LJ, when they traveled out from New York for Thanksgiving. What to do with visitors? Tourist things, of course. On the steps of the California Capitol.

2. The 2013 Christmas tree

That’s a two-Christmas movie tree.

3. Celebrating mama-hood

One of the weirdest things I’ve ever done? Throw a baby shower for my BABY SISTER. I kept thinking “What is that 10-year old going to do with all those baby clothes?”

4. Christmas boulders!

Back 40 revamp in progress. Yours truly got boulders and dirt for Christmas, and I couldn’t be happier!

5. Ladies’ night!

Celebrating the season with some holiday hotties.

6. Some days you just need to bake for the masses

My Christmas baking bonanza included 50 or so loaves of pumpkin pear and pineapple banana nut bread. Mr. T takes about 40 loaves to work and the differences are denoted by ribbon colors. Two types, with and without nuts.

7. A DIY-Hallmark moment that brought me to tears

At the end of our final class period, one of my classes presented me with a fantastic DIY card with an injoke that I will have to explain later.
The best part? All of these wonderful comments. Such an incredible semester and a fantastic reminder of why I love teaching so damn much!

8. Winter flying, Christmas cookies and Auntie time

Practicing short cross country flying from Sacramento to Ukiah, California. Pictured is the North edge of Lake Berryessa.
The subject of my favorite 2013 memory? Well she and her mama came to California, so I had to visit! FYI, flying to Ukiah is infinitely better than driving!
In addition to shopping and sushi, we made traditional Christmas cookies.
Shannon’s been throwing a Christmas cookie party for more than two decades.
This year was kid-palooza so yours truly decorated way too many cookies, including that holiday dino.

9. How I know I’ve got the right friends

The dirty, the dorky and the awesome came out at our annual White Elephant Extravaganza.
My favorites? The Banana Bunker
The NYC Cabbie Calendar
And the Nic Cage pillow case, purchased by my genius husband.

10. Santa knows who he’s dealing with

Next year’s Christmas card?

11. Christmas eve feasting

Marm prepares a delectable spread.
Eric: “I ain’t got time for pictures, there’s presents to be had!”

12. Christmas waffles!

I’m waffle queen (see recipe for the best raised Belgian waffles in the world) and T is king-o-potatoes, eggs and compote. Together we’ve carved out a little Christmas tradition.
Four teenagers for brunch = lots of bacon.
Happy fam!
Sad that this is only once a year. (She lies.)
My favorite Humbug.

13. Christmas dinner

When he made that face prior to carving the bird, I warned him it would be posted for the world to see.
A dog can dream, right?
Wonderful spread at our friends’ home.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, too!


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