#100HappyDays: Bathmat runways

In the last year, I’ve joked that I finally figured out how to get Mr. T to help me make dinner: Ask him flying questions and then start assigning him things to chop. (The strategy is somewhat flawed given typical pilot predisposition to talk with hand gestures, but it amuses me nonetheless.)

Turns out, I can turn any room in the house into a training space.

Digesting my flying lesson on cross-wind landings and cleaning up after moving bark, I peppered T with questions in the powder room. He kept gesturing toward an imaginary pattern–the rectangular space around  the runway–so I flipped over the bathmat to make the visual more concrete.

And then I cracked myself up wondering if anyone had ever done this bathmat runway creation before. Hey, whatever it takes to help me learn cross-wind landings better, right?


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