#100HappyDays: Tomato mania

Imagine a choir of angels singing. That’s pretty much what I hear when I look at this photo. Want to know more about growing tomatoes? Read this “Tips, tricks, and warnings for growing tomatoes”

I felt sad for a few minutes, chopping down a mature shrub, stabbing a shovel into the ground to pry up its surprisingly shallow roots. But having recently taught pragmatism in my critical analysis class–the philosophy of ends justifying means–I concentrated on the outcomes of boxwood murder. Namely, piles of glorious tomatoes that will materialize come summer time.

Learning from last year’s first foray into container-tomato growing, I’ve invested in bigger pots and arranged them for optimal sun exposure (including, removing a shrubby obstacle, ahem. Do not be surprised when that photinia disappears or is significantly shorter next season!).

I still need to provide supports (I’m experimenting with trellis and new types of cages, stay tuned) and put in a walkway, but bruschetta season is off to a great start.



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