Thursday 13: On my mind

Played grease monkey with my father-in-law last month as he taught me
how to conduct the annual inspection of the Cessna 182. Surprisingly fun!

With summer wrapping up in just a day or two, I’ve been taking stock, a brain inventory if you will. Aside from the usual concerns–money, drought, what on earth to cook for dinner–a lot has been weighing on me. So in what feels like a “Throwback Thursday,” activity, I made a nice Thursday 13 list to share the top things bouncing around in my brain.

What’s on your mind lately?

1. Flying. After getting the annual inspection complete in August (a post about my month as a grease monkey is almost done!), Mr. T test flew our Cessna 182 last week. Now I’ve got to get back into my flight training, take my written exam (ahem), and practice, practice, practice for my checkride. Hoping to get my private pilot’s license done this Fall.

2. Grub murder. While digging up my dead summer garden in preparation for fall, I noticed something strange. A lot of strange somethings in fact. Oddly translucent and shiny curled up worm things with blueish noses kept coming up with every handful of dirt. Luckily they didn’t squirm much which cut down the ick factor. But I wasn’t sure… friend or foe? Turns out, I have a giant grubby will-turn-into-root-eating-Japanese-beetles foe. So I’ve been on the hunt for organic weapons (it’s my veggie garden, after all) and recently ordered some Milky Spore powder. I’ll let you know how it works.

3. My blogging empire. Last month I launched my revamped professional website (check it out!) and I’m in the process of building a new all-things-aviation spot and a revamp of The Blue Muse. But man is it slow going!

4. Mike Brown. Yesterday students at Sac State held a demonstration outside of the library where I teach, protesting police brutality. I couldn’t stay long since my back-to-back schedule leaves little time for delay, but I was struck by the group’s passion and commitment to speaking the names of the recently dead. I couldn’t help but think again how much America needs more empathy.

5. Job hunting. My third round on the academic job market is starting to commence, and I hope and pray this third time is the charm. I welcome any good juju, prayers and positive vibes.

6. Election season. Is it November 4 yet? I’m already tired of hearing political campaign ads, phrases like “power grab,” and other unkindness. And we’ve still got seven weeks until the election.

Look at that cuteness!!

7. Lady A. Okay, can someone tell my niece to slow down?! She’s seven months old and already pulling herself up, crawling, and pushing up teeth. Nothing makes time fly faster than watching a baby develop.

8. Nerd work. The fabulous news? One of my favorite academic articles will be published in a few months, and my friend and I just resubmitted a cool paper. Have things “out” and “done” feels so good but those accomplishments are dwarfed by the looming to-do list. As always.

9. Flagstones. In a few weeks, we’ll be completing another part of the Back-40 Revamp! Flagstones, flagstones, everywhere.

10. Scandal. Cannot lie, I am counting minutes until Scandal comes back on air. Ever since seeing Kerry Washington at BlogHer this summer, I’ve been jonesing to find out what happens next!

11. Pants season. Super excited for Fall weather to finally arrive (please, come on already!) which will mean jeans and sweaters and cozy things. Fingers crossed that the pants I haven’t tried on in six months still fit!

12. Acorns. Approximately 10,000 await in my backyard. Along with a bazillion oak leaves.

13. Christmas. Don’t hate me. Just 98 days between us and Christmas. CANNOT WAIT!


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