Late summer, in snapshots

Although it’s very nearly pumpkin time, the sudden spike of Sacramento heat has me thinking about the lovely last bits of summer. Or rather, the whirlwind that was August. In those 31 days, I nursed a dying man back to health (only a mild exaggeration), prepared three months worth of dinner, started a new job, and agreed to an insane bet. And a bunch in between, including these Thursday 13 highlights:

1. A recent photo:

Me and my favorite canine. It took 15 shots to get one with him looking at the camera.

2. Recent read: “Stiff” by Mary Roach. In case you wonder, I know so much about dead bodies now. This intensely graphic but exquisitely written book is about the interesting lives of cadavers. Fascinating but not for the faint of heart.

3. The Christmas Tree Diet: After betting the tree last month, I’ve been plotting ways to make sure the scale number goes in an appropriately Christmas-y direction. Lately, that means food prep, food prep, food prep.

Over a week, I put together 10 fast freezer meals for the crockpot. 
Brewed a vat of spaghetti sauce for lasagnas and pasta, and wrapped up four pans of enchiladas. Mmmm.
What lunch looks like now.

4. Last Summer trip:

Enjoyed a quick couple days at Dillon Beach.

5. My favorite flying father and son 

Mr. T and Ray-Dad working on the Bonanza

6. A magical transformation:

Before (and mid-move, even)
After! The traditional fifth anniversary gift is wood, and so, anniversary cabinets.

7. Adventures in Babysitting:

Little Miss Yogurt Hands reallllly wanted my phone at this moment.
Lady A and Grandma. LOVE.
Found this gem after deleting Lady A’s 500, yes, 500, up-the-nose toddler selfies.

8. My new job:

Kendall Hall at Chico State!
Yours truly is now an assistant professor of Communication Studies at California State University, Chico. Unbelievably cool and still surreal.

9. In the garden:

Sadly, this year’s tomato crop was more pretty than tasty. Meh.
Many mantises this year though!

10. His-n-hers happiness

Peaches and cream French toast from Bacon & Butter in Sacramento. So. Good.
Pre-brunch smoke oil acquisition for Mr. T. I actually had a pretty good time because Nordo (the legs behind the barrel and the owner of the truck) let me put away the mini-crane. No one ever lets me operate heavy machinery!

11. Summer flying:

Sadly, the Summer was light on flying lessons but I got a few good ones in last month including a couple trips to Calaveras where I will take my private pilot check ride some time soon.
Flew to Ukiah for a wedding and I got to see my niece and future aviatrix.

12. New wardrobe acquisitions:

After going Marie Kondo on my closet, I had to replenish!

13. My very own office(!!):

I’m ridiculously excited about having my own office again. With windows! And sans 7 other people. So cool.
Having a little too much fun customizing the bulletin boards.


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