Happy Halloween, mateys!

I feel like both Goliath and Mr. T want you to know they do not sanction
this dog costume nonsense.

Halloween is normally a day I can get behind–dress up, pumpkins and sweets! But this year, it’s making me angsty.

That big old beautiful bag of chocolate minis on the kitchen table taunts me. Every time I walk by, I swear I hear the butterfingers call out to me. And the damn bag has only been there for 24 hours now.

The tantalizing treats of course conflict with my Christmas tree diet goals and thus, must go un-enjoyed. So, waa. Waa, I say.

The only one more annoyed than me around these parts is Goliath. The poor pooch is subject to his crazy dog mom’s whims which this year include pirate garb. Because why not?

All this is to say, Happy Halloween lovelies! Or from Goliath: Yo, ho, mateys!


P/S This image REALLY helped me cut down treat eating last year. I made a list of all of the fun size bars I ate and kept count of the calories as the night went on. Just terrifying how fast it adds up.

PP/S National Blog Posting Month kicks off tomorrow. Any special requests?!

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