My Eggstravagant Easter Tree

What a difference a year makes. I recall last Easter as a bewildering affair, where instead of sharing sweet treats with family, we were holed up alone doing home improvement projects (happy birthday to our door bell though!).

While still nowhere near “normal,” this year thankfully involves some socializing with dear ones and at least one meal I don’t have to cook myself (bless you, patio dining and vaccines!).

One thing that will never change though… my penchant for ridiculous, this year, brought you to in 9-foot increments of whimsy and joy. Behold: The Great Easter Tree of 2021!

Easter egg tree with flowers
Nine feet of spring glory.
Easter egg tree
I created Easter eggs using craft foam. I cut out different egg shapes from regular foam, and then made decorations from foam stickers.
Easter egg tree with flowers and bunny ears
After remembering that I cannot, in fact, cut straight to save my life, I purchased a set of paper punches. My polka dots went from irregular oblongs to perfect dots. And punching them out felt very cathartic!
Easter egg tree
I relied upon spring florals from Michael’s and the Dollar Store to fill in the rest. What looks pretty impressive took hardly any time… I just snipped off sections of a flower bunch and stuck them haphazardly, I mean, artistically, around the tree.
Easter egg tree
Truth time: The foam stickers work medium well. Some colors and shapes are peeling off, although I’m not sure if that’s because I opened a package of stickers that are many years old or what. Durability is not a feature, unfortunately.


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