A Tree for Love and Luck

When I started planning my last (?) holiday tree, I tried to think about the energy we need for 2022. What can we use to face an ongoing pandemic, political divisiveness, burnout, trauma, extreme weather, conflict, etc. etc.? My answer: Love and luck.

The inspiration came to me at the end of December, while reading posts about New Year’s Eve luck traditions like kissing at midnight, eating black-eyed peas and greens, and scarfing 12 grapes for each chime of the clock. Over the next couple weeks, I spent time searching for symbols of luck from various cultures and crafted what just might be my favorite tree so far…

holiday tree with heart and luck symbols
Why yes, this love-and-luck tree repurposes last year’s Valentine’s decor, Easter flowers, and lots of Christmas ornaments.
holiday tree with hearts and luck decor
When I started researching symbols of luck, I had no idea there were so many. Most represent health, prosperity and peace.
Of course, some symbols that are lucky in one culture are superstitions in another (see: peacocks and coins).
Some symbols are lucky in certain domains. For instance, wearing the color purple is associated with luck in the areas of wisdom and creativity. And peony bushes with lots of blooms are lucky, but bunches with odd numbers are bad luck.
Keys are an ancient symbol of good luck but GOODNESS I had a hard time finding one that was cute enough to grace the tree. I found this little key–an old wedding favor I couldn’t bear to part with–hiding in my desk.
Occasionally, symbols of luck are gross. You’ll notice a conspicuous absence of rabbit feet and scarab beetles on this tree.
Fun fact: Dreaming of llamas can be lucky, so long as they aren’t laying down. 
No luck tree could be complete without a shamrock and unicorn! 
Scattered throughout are little ravioli hearts I sewed last year. They probably are anti-luck though, considering how much swearing it took to learn blanket stitching.
Lots of luck symbols, like giraffes and round/circular foods, are associated with prosperity and peace.
The pièce de résistance! I searched all over town (and amazon) for a horse shoe, a quintessential symbol of luck. I could not find anything besides a full size steel shoe… until a trip to Dillon Beach with friends last week. Hiding in the tiny General Store was this ornament, perfectly capturing the spirit of the tree.
And of course, my lucky houndlets, who supervise all decorating activities.


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