Checkrides, wedding photography and other adventures

Stepping into the role of fiercely proud fiancee, I must exclaim to the world: As of 2:30 p.m., I am engaged to a multi-engine rated pilot! Woowoo! Over the last month or so, Tim has kicked butt studying rules and regs, taking flight instruction and just generally obsessing over his flying group’s new Twin Comanche. I can’t wait to fly in it this weekend for an anniversary trip to Shelter Cove. I’m sure there will be some follow up note, with pictures!

Twin comanche
Tim took his checkride in the Twin Comanche.

Speaking of pictures, we met with Wedding Photographer Number One last night. (Channel the ‘Dating Game’ announcer voice when you read that sentence.) Beyond being a fantastic photographer and a generally lovely person, she happens to be BFFs and share a studio space with Wedding Photographer Number Two. How does that work?? The decision would have been hard enough but now it’s going to border on awkward having to choose between friends, not to mention the fact that I’m loving them both. So, let’s put it to a vote. All three of you who are reading this blog, do tell… True Love Photo or Sarah Maren Photography?!

Well, I’m off to make T a fabulous celebration dinner of spaghetti and homemade meatballs, homemade bread and salad with tomatoes from my garden. Don’t I sound like a regular suzy homemaker?? (Don’t answer that!)

Until next time.


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