Dialogue of mad muscles

Sweet muscles

Minute 5, elliptical warm up- Oooo, yeah, this feels great! Way to move us again Shawna. We like!

Minute 12, lunges/balancing with curls-Yesss, we still got this. It’s been awhile since you picked up a weight, but we still like it!

Minute 27, Lunge squat things with balancing and dead liftingOkay. It’s been AWHILE. Give us a minute.

Minute 32, Crunches and stretches- Back on the floor, not so bad. We wouldn’t hurt so much if you’d actually stretch us once in awhile!

Minute 47, Mid-cardio, back on elliptical- Ugh. Are you done reading yet? We know you’re only prolonging this to see if Penelope and Captain Reid make out again.

Two hours post-workout- Ahhhhh. Lightly fatigued and feeling great!

The next day- We hate you. (Can’t straighten arms easily, too many curls.)

The day after that- Yeah, we STILL hate you. (Arms are better, now glutes feel like murder.)

The day after thatYOU WANT TO GO BACK WHERE????

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