You took the spot, now stay in it

In formation flying, there’s an important skill called station keeping. This means staying in the correct position relative to other planes in the group. It’s critical for safety as well as the symmetry of the formation.

Ladies of today’s Turbo Kick class, I want to introduce you to station keeping. This means STAY IN YOUR DAMN PLACE, thankyouverymuch.

And it’s critical to my safety since your dervish-like side kicks and uppercuts seemed to gravitate toward me at every opportunity and I spent more time watching you than keeping up with the crescent kicks and air jacks.

To be clear: It doesn’t mean inching toward your neighbor during combinations. It is not traveling backward when kicking. And it certainly doesn’t involve following me when I find a new position 10 feet away. No, it definitely doesn’t mean that.

So kickboxers and you, too, Zumba chicks, I beseech you: For my safety and yours (because I really am getting good at round houses), stay. in. your. spot.

That is all.


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