New venture: A random “Thursday 13”

I’m trying this new “Thursday 13” thing, thanks to Jehara and the Thursday 13 crowd. I’m already late for this week, but here goes: 13 utterly random things from my brain to yours…

Girl scout cookies

1. The closer you get to 30, the more ridiculous* having a bake sale appears.

2. It still feels good to sell cupcakes though.

3. Writing blogs is easier/more fun than tweaking conference papers.

4. Mr. T got a promotion today. He kicks ASS!!!

5. I think true love is feeling jubilant for other people’s successes.

6. Grad students are the best procrastinators in the world. Yesterday a group of us put all studies aside and attempted to clean the bowling alley (aka the long, narrow office we inhabit). Apparently the threshold for dirt tolerance is correlated to the amount of tasks piling up. (Yes, I said correlated. My stats class in action!)

7. Despite the pleasant spring weather, 85 degrees in February is still WRONG.

8. People who are petty and spiteful make me sad.

9. Old Spice “manmercials” crack me up.

10. Mr. T and I are getting married five months from today!

11. Today is Ash Wednesday and I’m giving some thought to doing the Lent thing. What** to give up though?? I’m so happy with my vices!

12. A year ago this month, I was writing my thesis.

13. There is nothing wrong with eating Girl Scout cookies for dinner.

* Obviously, I do not mean helping your CHILDREN with bake sales.

** Perhaps #13 would be okay!

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