Thursday 13: May Days

As a student, I find myself living for the next break. This semester, I just have to get to Wednesday at noon, and then I can breathe. I’m ecstatic when it’s Friday. Spring break seems an oasis of happiness on the horizon. But I’m really putting my hopes and dreams on May. Mid-May to be precise when all of the tests and papers and grading will be done. In the spirit of Thursday Thirteen, here are 13 wonderful things I’m dreaming about May:
1. NOT living out of a suitcase.

2. Seeing Mr. T every single day!

3. Planting my vegetable garden (although I will probably cheat and do some work over spring break in March)

4. Re-planting fleurs in the front yard.

5. Doing all manner of wedding-planning tasks and NOT feeling guilty about them.

6. Attempting all* of the new recipes I promised to try in 2010.

7. Psyching up to paint the master bedroom/bathroom. I’d add the office to the list, but I don’t think Mr. T has the patience.

8. Finding my muscles again. All of ’em.

9. Planning our honeymoon**!

10. Living somewhere without elephants overheard or critters under foot (ICK).

11. Putting away the Christmas tree*** finally.

12. Leaving Cactus Land before the oven gets cranked up.

13. Being 1/3-of a phd!

* One of my goals for the year was to try 20 new recipes, but I neglected to remember that I have no time for cooking during school. Here’s to LOTS of tasty meals this summer.

** T and I are considering an air tour honeymoon on the way to the Oshkosh fly-in that’s a week after the big day. We’re going to submit travel proposals (to each other) and then debate about the best route. Yours truly wants to cover most of the continental US and see historical monuments, but that’s another blog post altogether!

*** Okay, so I’ve been busy and the tree is still up. I work on it every time I’m home and the ornaments are ALMOST put away. I’m sure that by May, the damn thing will be down. Of course, I’ve contemplated going the Sandi Ledford route and keeping it up all year long. I could totally decorate it for upcoming holidays. 😉

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