Thursday 13: By the numbers

As I have a penchant for keeping track and counting down, I shall share some exciting (to me) numbers for this Thursday 13.

1. Days to the end of the semester:
Can’t believe this year has gone by so quickly!

2. Days till I move to a new apartment:
Hooray for no more I-hate-my-neighbor blogs (hopefully) and NO cockroaches!

3. Days till I move HOME:
There aren’t words to express how exciting this is!

4. Days till I put in my garden:
I know, it’s nerdy but I’m totally excited to get my garden a-growin’ again. Nothing beats fresh produce!

Last summer’s rads. I’m pretty excited to play in the dirt!

5. Days till Flag Day* (this is for you Shan): 46
It’s unknown why I’m fixated on Flag Day. I just can’t help but remember it.

6. Days till my birthday (woohoo!):
I don’t even mind being that much closer to 30.

7. Days till the wedding:
This could also be “Days to get back in shape” haha.
8. Days till the MOON: 80
Sedona, Santa Fe, Eureka Springs, Hannibal, Chilicothe, Oshkosh, Mackinac, Colorado Springs, Moab or bust! 😉

Man and his plane. The 182 is allllmost airworthy and ready for our adventure. Woowoo!

9. Days till my first Oshkosh Adventure:
I am preparing to be seriously impressed. I *was* excited to try cheese curds until I found out they weren’t fried. Humph.

10. Days till we’re on Mackinac Island (Sigh): 93
I’m threatening to wear poofy dresses and frilly hats. I know, I know.

11. Days till school starts again:
Huh??? No rest for the wicked I suppose.

12. Days till RENO! (also, T’s bday weekend):
Pretty much my favorite weekend of the year. GO RARE BEAR!!

Rare Bear, my favorite Reno racer. We will totally win this year!
13. Days till I am Dr. Malvini Redden: 912 (Give or take)
Sounds interminable, but I think I’ll make it. The last 365 have whizzed by!
P/S Wanna play? Visit Thursday Thirteen.
* Also Graden Wheeler’s 2nd birthday!!
Photos by moi.


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