Thursday 13: Links to make you think

So I went for the rhyme today. Below are 13 links to make you think AND laugh and shop and eat! Enjoy!

Office Space1. Mr. T sent me this fascinating Nike commercial featuring Tiger Woods’ deceased father seeming to admonish him from beyond the grave. Partially creepy but mostly poignant. I have to admit a morbid fascination with the PR magic that will probably resurrect Tiger’s career. We shall see.

2. We’ve been discussing power in my classes this week, both the course I’m teaching (small group communication) and my management seminar that I’m taking. I showed this replication of the famous experiment by psychologist Stanley Milgram to my students. Although the video is from a British TV show, it apes the study perfectly and demonstrates our frightening natural inclination to obey authority.

3. I guest lectured in the 100-person intro to comm class that I assist for. We covered the oh-so-exciting topic of organizational communication and I couldn’t help but show them goofy videos like this one from Cube Farm USA.

4. And of course, I couldn’t teach org comm without many Office Space references like Lumberg

5. And meeting The Bobs!

6. And Milton!

7. My friend Kristi is making gorgeous jewelry on her Etsy site Mischief by Loki. Check out her fab designs. I own several and get many compliments!

8. I’m still so damn proud of my sister’s band North Highlands. Listen today!

9. In case you’re ever in the Tempe area, you must visit Casey Moore’s. It’s a couple blocks from the ASU campus and their cheesesticks and pear cider may be the two reasons I graduate.

10. Runner up for sanity saving restaurants in Tempe? Oregano’s. Things you MUST try… the “pizza cookie” and their frosty take on the bellini.

11. This music may only mean something to me and T, but might make you laugh.

12. Apparently the best salon and spa in Sacramento is open Sundays! Check out Hoshall’s in Carmichael if you need some rejuvenation. Say hi to Cricket (aka my mom) while you’re there!

13. My neighbors are thumping the walls with their lame music right now. I use Fergie to drown them out. I don’t think my little computer speakers cause them any irritation whatsoever, but it makes me feel better to think they could.

Wanna play? Check out Thursday 13 today!

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