How could I forget sushi?

Like I mentioned in my Last Meals post, I could fill a dozen lists with my favorite foods. I thought I’d captured the high points until my dearest Shannon pointed out: I forgot Oco Time. Which means, I forgot Mikuni. Which means, I forgot sushi. How is this possible? I’m blaming end-of-semester mania! My apologies to the fishies.

If you’re ever in Ukiah, please visit Oco Time and order our faves: Veggie Veggie (veggie sushi with a cilantro cream sauce and cashews, to die for!), Dragon (BBQ eel and other things), Fire (Spicy crab dressed with jalepeno, I think) and Rachel’s Roll (Right, Shan?). The last time I was in town, we also tried this tuna/mango/raspberry roll that was AMAZING. (As in the actual definition of amazing, by the way.)
Our Sactown faves include:
Mikuni– Order the Incredible (deep fried shrimp + tasty sauces!), Aerojet (yellow tail and avocado wrapped in rice, wrapped in cucumber), Spicy Johnny (spicy crab & sauces, I think), and the Black & White (beautifully thin fillet of tuna, barely grilled, served with tangy vinegar sauce and jalapeno).
Sushi Unlimited– I never know what we’re getting here because Tim always asks for his buddy the chef to bring us surprises. As someone who is relatively new to sushi (and VERY squeamish about weird fishy things), take it as a good sign that I’ve eaten there more than once. The one thing you should ask for: Pillows of Yum. That’s my name for it but it is barely seared scallops on a ball of rice topped with a sweet creamy sauce and fried Maui onions. Oh MY. Go now. Eat! 😉

P/S This post will also serve as Mr. T’s forewarning: First year celebration meal must to be sushi because now I’m craving it!

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