Thursday 13: The Big Day To-dos

As I warned you on Monday, wedding business is buzzing in my brains. As a result, I am dedicating this Thursday 13 to the to-dos I have left to accomplish before the hitching.

1. Invitations– As a decent graphic designer, I thought I would try my hand at designing our wedding stationery. Of course this means I’ve redesigned the invitation 17 times with the latest and greatest just the other day. I’m pretty jazzed but also realize that it is time to stop fiddling, hit print and get those suckers in the mail! ETA for doneness- 4-5 days.

2. Cupcakes– I’ve been discussing the cute confections for a couple months, and now I just need to book a vendor. I hate having to choose between awesome and awesome. It’s easier when there is a clear difference, you know?

3. Hey, Mr. DJ!– We’ve got Superman, aka The Sundance Kid, lined up to MC the festivities. Just need to sit down and discuss that “Do not play” list. If I hear “Celebration!”, any manner of 80s hair rock, or selections from the Mariah Carey catalogue, I may strangle someone with my big-ass train.

4. Vittles– Mr. T’s dad’s friend (also my mom’s salon’s client) is doing BBQ. Mmmmm. Just need to figure out what we’re actually serving one of these days… Also, any good vegetarian ideas? I shudder to think of serving “veggie lasagna” or boring veggie burgers. Anything easy and delicious that caterer could do?

5. Fleurs– The one area where my budget consciousness, latent craftiness and type A-ness (refrain from laughing like I did, thanks) collide… fleurs. In December, I decided: Let’s make ’em. Although I adore fresh flowers, I hate their ephemeral nature. Here today, wilty and sad tomorrow. So I thought, how about we make flowers that will last, foreva. Cue my first foray to JoAnn’s fabric and my love affair with jewel toned organza. Stay tuned for a larger discussion of the crazy craft project but just know it involves a zillion yards of filmy organza, cutting thousands of petals, singeing and sewing. Uh huh.

6. Favors– I know they aren’t practical. I know most people throw them away. I realize that many budget bride books say forgettaboutit. But I LOVE favors, I can’t help it. And so I have 75 airplane cookie cutters and Shan’s secret* family recipe for sugar cookies. Must to be finding cute helicopter cutters (gotta have choices, right?), and design the recipe cards. And then ribbon and tying. Hmmmm. Do I still love favors? YUP. 😉

7. Photog Sorting– M-5, aka Mr. T’s mom, is putting together a fabulous slideshow for us. Of course, that requires that I actually give her photos one of these days. Gotta sort birth-to-now images and send them off sooner rather than later.

8. Party Angels– There’s a fabulous homegrown company in town called “Party Angels” that provides “angels” for your shindig. Servers, decorators, cleaner-uppers, on the cheap! From what I understand, a school teacher started a side business (really, she wasn’t making enough dough in the California public school system??), and coordinates all manner of events in town. I just need to touch bases and confirm. I should be less excited but the thought of angels at the wedding is just delightful. I wonder if they could wear wings… It would fit the flying theme!

9. Hot man gear– This is really a Mr. T job, but I’m sure I’ll be along to scope out the tux choosing. Cannot WAIT to see that man all gussied up! (Also pretty darn excited to see our ushers… Todd and Bryce, 9 and 10ish, will be donning penguin suits to escort little old ladies down the aisle. I told them to practice their waddling skills.)

10. Rentals and whatnot– Apparently people need plates on which to eat the delectable BBQ. Gotta figure out the plates/cups/glasses, etc.

11. Centerpieces, etc.– Beyond a configuration of organza fleurs and candles galore, I can’t quite envision centerpieces. Suggestions will be appreciated!

12. Hotness/Breathability– Now that I’m back in Sac, I thought I’d dial up the hotness quotient a bit. I called my cute trainer dude and am on his calendar for a beating, I mean workout, this weekend. The reality of the situation? I need to get back to optimal toning because I would REALLY love to breathe in the dress. Just a little.

13. The Shoes– I’ve been on a quest to find The Shoes. The profile: In the blue, teal, green family. Sexy and tall, of course. Comfortable and walkable. Cheap. (I can hear you laughing right now.) Are we surprised that the only shoes that tickle my fancy are freaking Jimmy Choos, Manolos or Louboutins? No mortgage-payment shoes, thanks. 🙁

I’m sure there are more things, but these are top-of-mind. Stay tuned for more drivel on the topic!


* Aka the 1965 Betty Crocker edition.

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