Surviving the work shower

You know how some companies use the metaphor of family to explain their corporate culture? Where I work, it’s partly literal. We’ve got fathers and sons, mothers and daughter, brothers and sisters, first cousins, second cousins, in-laws… and that’s just my building. Every so often, we have marriages, too. Take Mr. T and me, for example. We work for the same corporate office, in two different locations and the running joke since our engagement: We’re “improving the relationship” between marketing and IT. Well, trying anyway.

Since it’s not often that employees marry, my boss couldn’t resist the joint work shower. Yep. A wedding shower. At work. Although I smiled and nodded, I inwardly cringed when she first asked. It’s tradition and I know people like to celebrate, but the thought of being the center of attention… at work… too weird! Not to mention the oh-so-fun mingling of work and personal which is pretty taboo for T.
Well, turns out it wasn’t so bad. People actually showed up for the thing, had a slice of pie and offered congratulations. They even brought gifts* and things! The best part? Going home and reading the cards. As work traditions go, cards circulate throughout all departments. It was really cool to read sweet thoughts from people throughout the company, even those I only know by extension. My favorites though? The sassy ones. Here are some that made us laugh:
“Shawna and Tim, May you share many happy years together munching on all the great cookies Shawna will make. Love, Janae and Bryan”
“Just remember the Bible’s counsel on a woman’s role in the home and her duty to please her wonderful loving husband. Bob” (Aka our CEO who offered to perform the marriage ceremony in the company’s education center, complete with his very own bubble machine. I’m not joking.)
“Way cool… You’re going to tie the knot! Tie it and keep it tight… never untie it! Christine.”
“Monkeys have tails. Apes don’t. DJ” (Your guess is as good as mine, but it made me smile.)
* Thank you to our very generous and thoughtful coworkers! My favorite gift moment: T remarking what a lovely giant trivet our new plant stand was.

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