Thursday 13: Fabulousness

So, it’s one of those weeks where I realize upon stepping out of the shower that I forgot conditioner, and I figure out on Friday that I forgot to post my Thursday 13. Ah well. Better late than never!

I’m all superlatives this week, so bear with me while I recount a few examples of recent fabulousness for this week’s Thursday 13.

1. Fleurs! As you know, my venture into wedding DIY crazy has taken the form of hand-sewn organza flowers. I’m still working on the how-to post (it’s SO easy, in small doses), but here is a photo of my “blinged-out” (as my mom says) fleurs. As of this morning we have 350 made and need about 950 more according to mom’s calculations. Do be sending us your good luck vibes!

2. Fluffballs.
This past week Mr. T was out of town doing bachelor things and then important IT director things, so Goliath and I spent some quality time together. When T’s gone, he is quite the lovebug… even after I send him to the groomer’s clutches. I swear he’s half the dog he used to be once the fur flies.

I squealed, literally squealed, when I caught sight of these puppies. Yay, yay, YAY for baby mats! When I put the garden in, I was convinced all of these soon-to-be delectable dears would go to friends and family. I’m thrilled to know that at least a handful of these will ready for me (and T).

4. Baby bells
I’m not obsessed with the rest of the garden produce like I am with the tomatoes (well, maybe the basil…), but I was tickled to see this baby bell pepper pop up this weekend. Cute, huh?

5. Sunday Stew
Got a bug for vegetarian chili, and so I made “Sunday Stew” last week i.e., every sad vegetable in the fridge at the end of the week, chopped, sauted and stewed up. Turned out to be pretty damn tasty. Stay tuned for the “recipe.”

6. Harris Ranch!For a (way) belated Christmas present, we took my mom and Tim to Harris Ranch for a steak dinner. It was a really fun flight and a super tasty meal. Can’t wait to bust back!

7. Checking off to-dos. Incredibly productive week on the wedding front. Signed the DJ contract. Met with a lighting person. Purchased most of the reception decor. Feels great to check things off the list!

8. Spring closet cleaning. Well, more like 5 years worth of spring closet cleaning… I took three huge bags of clothes and two boxes of housewares to Good Will this week. It’s cathartic to clear the wardrobe of clothes I wore in high school. (Yay for them still fitting though!)

9. Birthday cupcakes. My friend Jeanne J. turned 62 this week and I brought her cupcakes with sprinkles. Do you know how cool it is to see someone so freaking happy about baked goods? It’s the little things in life people. Bring cupcakes to work and watch grown people get giddy. It’s cool.

10. Successful nerding. Completed 16 interviews for my workplace friendships study. Got two more scheduled today and two or three next week. I’m excited to start analyzing data and I’m fully aware that that revelation makes me a supreme dweeb. Ah well, you knew that already.

11. Finally going part-time. The “new me” at work just started and I’ve got her mostly trained on all my major projects. I will transition to part-time work at the beginning of July and I cannot contain my excitement! Not sure what it will be like to be without a full time job for the first time in my life, but I’m sure the full time school and part time teaching will keep me from feel bored!

12. Not giving up. This is one of those little things in life, but I am SO pleased with myself for getting through push-ups with my cuter trainer dude Jared. Last week I crapped out and did girl push-ups. Even though they were pathetically shallow and only 10 per set, this week I did not give up! Of course, it totally helps to have someone yelling at, I mean encouraging me… (Truly it does. How many push-ups, girlie or otherwise, do I complete on my own? Not many!)

13. Weeks, not months. Well, we’ve hit the 30-day mark. Now the wedding countdown is measured in weeks, not months. And soon, days. SO weird and exciting and fabulous. Can’t wait to marry my best friend!


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