Thursday 13: Words for the week

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When I think of this week, here are a few (okay Thursday 13) words that come to mind:
1. Devastation. My heart goes out to the people of Japan and everyone who has been affected by the earthquake/tsunami.
2. Renewal. Although I know it will be a long time coming, I hope that the destruction in Japan can be overcome and the spirit (and dwellings) of the people will be renewed.
3. Sacrifice. I have so much admiration for the “Fukushima 50,” the almost 200 individuals who have stayed by to manage the damaged Fukushima nuclear power plant. I hope their sacrifices are not in vain.
4. Peace. For Libya, the Middle East, for everywhere.
5. Green. It is St. Paddy’s after all.
6. Grass. The back 40 is almost three feet tall again. If it stops raining long enough, I’ll take my weed whacker to it!
7. Shepherd’s pie. Mmm. See #5.
8. Disappointment. Received two significant rejections this week and cried like a girl both times. Boo. I don’t handle failure very well!
9. Procrastination. It’s now Thursday of my spring break and I have yet to attempt my grand plan of uber-productivity (unless you call sleeping, cooking and watching re-runs productive!).
10. Flying. 24 flights in the next 10 weeks. Lordy.
11. Sausages. I feel like one. A 5’8 sausage in a green casing. (See #5)
12. Cookies. I made three batches for Mr. T to take to work. I may have eaten half a batch which contributes heartily to #11.
13. Countdown. Less than 58 days until I move home!

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