Thursday 13: Terrific things about Mr. T

With the wedding just nine days away (NINE!), I thought it fitting to spend this Thursday 13 telling you a few, okay 13, things I love about Mr. T. In no particular order…

1. Smarts.

Behind (and north of) that handsome face are some seriously talented brains. Not only does he know everything there is to know about every airplane ever invented, he has a knack for online research, computer engineering, sound engineering, writing, you name it. Plus he has a wildly expansive vocabulary. One of my favorite things: He challenges me and makes me think.

2. Passions.

Airplanes, motorcycles, computers, music… this man is not short on passions. And he is dedicated, too. Every weekend he’s out at the airport tinkering, fixing, flying, shooting the breeze (lots of shooting the breeze I hear). If we lived closer, I’m sure he’d spend even more time there. I love that he jumps into projects whole heartedly and really commits to learning, trying new things, sharing his knowledge with others and oh yeah, having a ton of fun.

3. Interpersonals.

Have I ever mentioned how much fun T is? He is so good at working a crowd, including people in conversation and playing the perfect social butterfly. Of course, he prefers to do that bidness in limited quantities (can’t blame him there), but I just adore his ability to interact with others. It’s nice not to worry about awkward moments, you know? He just fits in.

4. Support and encouragement.

As I am a seemingly professional student, T’s enduring support for my dreams and goals is amazing. (Yes, the actual definition of amazing, too.) Not only does he provide me ongoing encouragement and kicks in the arse when needed, he’s completely supportive of me flitting off to Cactus Land for the next year to get another chunk of my doctorate done. He doesn’t like it much, clearly, but he’s been so open-minded and wonderful about the whole deal. I don’t know too many people who would be okay with their partners being gone* more often than not. I am one lucky woman!

5. Dorkiness.

Although I could take up the list lauding his dork-ocity, just know that his funny faces, silly jokes, made-up words, goofy dancing, bawdy broadway songs and grocery-store chasing are just a few dorky things I adore about this man.

6. Fam.


His. Mine. Ours. I love that he finds family important. Meg at A Practical Wedding talks about marriage being a “new baby family,” and I’m excited to start mine with T.

7. Eyeballs.

So it might just be me, but I love those brown eyes. They’re especially adorable in the morning when he’s squinty-eyed and not awake yet. 🙂
8. Kindness.

Love, love, love how kind T can be. He’s helpful. Thoughtful. Says nice things. Plays nice with others.

9. Humor.

You know how girls always say they want a guy who can make them laugh? Well, tis true. Few people in the world can make me laugh as much as T. He’s absolutely wicked!

10. Boundary pushing.

Along with his smarts and passions, I appreciate that T pushes me to try new things… like oysters, motor cycle riding, weed wacking or breaking rules such as leaning on ancient sarcophagi at the Met and getting yelled at (ha!).

11. Friends.

One of T’s talents is surrounding himself with fabulous people (if I don’t say so myself!). T has such wonderful friends that I am honored to get to know and love, too.
12. Punkiness.
In addition to his kindness, smartness, funniness and dorkiness, T manifests punkitude. Refusing to smile for photos (case in point above), rampant tickling, teasing, general obstinance. Feels like the fourth grade sometimes, but I like it.
13. Travel ease.

When describing our hopscotch honeymoon to acquaintances, some people remark how hard it would be to do three weeks of travel with someone. The good news about T? He’s an excellent travel companion. Although I’m certain we’ll be glad to get home after 18 nights away, we adventure well together and rarely get testy. Here’s hoping the trend continues!


* Knock on wood, the “away” part of my schooling should only be for another year!

Photo credits: #s 1, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12 by me. #s 9 and 13 by Beth Baugher of True Love Photo. #2 I’m going to guess Sue Wiseman, but I’m not sure. #3. An employee at the Red Square in Vegas.

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