A *really* grown-up email address, aka my chance to be organized!

This picture is totally unrelated to the post. But cute, huh?
Trivia: Email didn’t exist when it was taken!

After I blogged about the whole name change game, T remarked that I really needed to start using the new name, otherwise it’d be too late. Like when a Katie has been Katie her whole life and all of a sudden she wants to be Katherine. She’ll probably be called Katie for forever, except by new peoples. T suggested I seize the moment of transition (you know, the big white dress thing) and communicate my new moniker.

So I did the social security office, the DMV, the health insurance company, work, school… Finally, I realized it was time for the email. Now, I’ve had the same email address since before my master’s program. I called it my first “grown up” email address, one that wasn’t from undergrad or a reference to my former ballet* dreams. As my name changed on all the government forms, I realized I needed to find a new derivation for email. A married, *really* grown up one.

I picked one that made sense, signed up for a new account and then sat on it for a month. I shared it during a farewell email at work and with a few people at school, but mostly I let it languish. And then, as it happens with all papers I’m behind on, suddenly “moving in” to the new email account became vitally important.

I can’t very well work on this paper with my email identity up in the air, now can I?

I mention all this because getting a new name is weird. Using it is weirder. And changing emails is a pain in the ass. Importing contacts. Creating folders. Checking the old one just in case. You know, maintenance? The good news? This is my change to be super organized and actually file** messages in an orderly fashion. Of course.

Okay, enough procrastinating. Back to my paper!



* I was “primab” for about a decade. Get it??
** Who am I kidding? My old box has 5647 messages in it. I give my inbox a week of cleanliness before the piling up starts.

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