Birthdays in the 21st century

My dearest mother (not Mommy Dearest, ah hem), turned the big 5-0 yesterday to much fanfare and festivity planned by my step-dad, Tim. The coolest part (in addition to a fabulous meal at Ruth’s Chris…) was “having dinner” with my rock star sister who was in Brooklyn at the time. Brenda totally Skyped in to the party!

Having been a Skype skeptic, I was delighted to find that despite our bandwidth problems, the experience was enjoyable. We talked in real-time and aside from a few freezes on her end, the conversation flowed naturally. She provided much of the evening’s entertainment with her decorations, tiara, gnomes and Jesus statue (better not to ask). All of us agreed, she could probably host a weekly webcast or star on reality TV. The funniest part is the realization that now that Skype is established, she’ll never escape another family function again!


Mom offers Brenda some bread. The poor thing hung in for the majority of dinner, only escaping for a brief time when the entrees arrived.
Isn’t she purdy?
I found the freezing hilarious. You could hear her talking, but she was stuck. This was one of the few non-offensive freezing pictures I captured on my phone.
I about died when she got the whole table to make batman eyes.
And, of course, let’s not forget her Jesus statue. I missed the gnomes, sadly.
With a flair for the dramatic, she decorated her walls, wore a tiara and lit a 50 candle in Marm’s honor. Too cool!

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