Our three month-a-versary

Although T tells me that “month-a-versaries” are totally girly*, I can’t help but be excited about every “17th” from now on out. I know that when we get into year-marking territory, it won’t be quite as momentous. For now, it’s cool to sit back and think about what we were doing EXACTLY three months ago today. Right about now we were just getting to the vows, me having no idea that Tim had re-written his only minutes before I walked down the aisle. Funny to think about now. I had no idea at the time!

In honor of the three month-a-versary mark, I posted the “bonus” wedding pictures to Facebook and I’ve copied a few below. I just can’t stop posting Beth Baugher’s fabulousness, what can I say?

Can’t remember what he said, but clearly he keeps me in stitches.
Hairs by the lovely Cricket from Hoshall’s Salon & Spa in Carmichael. (Aka my MOM!)


Vows. I love that face!


And now, it’s MINES.


Seems like yesterday we were standing there.
Practicing my Church Lady face in the Sacramento heat.


Pictures were a great excuse to get kisses… all. day. long. Woo!
I’m still surprised he didn’t smash me!


We survived the impromptu dance having picked “our song” only moments before.


Discussing the faking-it-till-we-make-it strategy.


I love that it looks like we’re actually dancing.


Despite the fearful expression, it wasn’t so bad!


We made it!


And now, we must eat Jelly Bellys!
Smoochin’ with airplanes.


The Aerospace Museum of California was an amazing venue. If you haven’t visited yet, go, go now!


Smoochin’ with jets.


And a twirl. (Or a swirl, let’s see if T’s actually reading the blog today.)


One of my favorite shots of the day.
Now inside to meet and greet and eat, just a little bit.


* Although T calls month-a-versaries girly, I will have you know that my grandpa–a decidedly NOT girly dude–called us last month to wish us a happy two-month-aversary. Granted, he didn’t call it that, but you know what I mean. Sweet man.

All photos by the lovely Beth Baugher of True Love Photo. If you need the best wedding photographer in Northern California (or the world), call her today!

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