Thursday 13: Exploring the “inner sanctum” of the purse

It happens at least once a semester. During a group work session, I’ll hear a female voice squeal and then holler at a male classmate for rifling through her purse. The commentary and indignation about purse privateness always amuses me. I find mine to be more of a hodge podge house of crap than an inner sanctum containing the secrets to my womanness. So for this Thursday 13, I will investigate my purse contents in hopes of answering two vitally important research questions: 1. In addition to the usual subjects (keys, wallet, phone), what items are so damn important that I feel the need to carry them around every day? 2. Why the hell does my purse weigh so much?
1. Ipod Nano Not really contributing to the weight quotient, I am thrilled to name the nano in my purse’s contents. A relatively recent addition, the nano replaces my mini, and is the only thing that positively influences my purse’s weight. Yay for chicklet music devices! (And thank you T for keeping me in tunes.)

2. Ziploc of happiness- It is a strange day if you can’t find some kind of nibble in my purse. This week, it’s a bag filled with 23 (remaining) peanut M&Ms.

3. Writing implements- Four highlighters, three ink pens (one blue, one pink, one black), one red felt marker, one crayola. I’m a grad student, highlighters are part of my DNA.

4. Orbits- Two packs of Orbit gum for minty fresh breath.

5. Mace- It’s important to stay safe, especially as a woman traveling and walking alone a lot of the time. Last year, T equipped me with two cans of mace. Let’s hope I never have to use them!

6. Change- Significantly contributing to the overall weight of my purse is $6.43 in change. Mostly non-quarters. Ugh.

7. Floss– I’m surprised how often someone asks me for floss without realizing I never leave the house without it.

8. Ticket stubs– National Championship Air Races, Avatar, Sherlock Holmes, New Moon, EAA Oshkosh. I’m a serious pack rat and tend to keep stubs and programs from most events. Mem-ries! Case in point: I think I have ticket stubs for every movie I’ve ever seen. Ever. (I’m weird, I know it already.)

9. Sanitizing products– Alcohol gel, Wet Ones, alcohol wipes, I am set to kill germs in a hurry! Although the little bottle of gel contributes to the clunkiness and weight of the bag, it is a necessity.

10. Lipsticks– At current count, there is: one chapstick, three identical lip glosses and four tubes of lipstick. I am always ready to pretty-up my pout, but I admit, the chapstick is the most frequently used item of that ilk.

11. Coupins– I was surprised by the coupons and gift cards hiding in my purse. Southwest drink coupons, gift cards to Dos and Border’s, way-old gift certificates for Baskin Robbins (Pint for a pint from the blood bank!). I’ve found that if I don’t carry them around, I never remember to use them, but they take up a boatload of space.

12. Digital recorder– For use in recording project interviews (and spy work, of course), I’ve taken to carrying around my digital recorder this semester.

13. Perfume- My lovely friend Kristi gave me a canister of Tokyo Milk “solide” perfume for my birthday in June and I’ve carried it around ever since. As perfume is an oft-forgotten part of my beauty regimen, I’m always happy to have the pleasant rose scent at my disposal.

In outlining 13 random things in my bag, I am hard pressed to understand the need some of my lady students feel to keep the aura of mystery around the purse. Granted, I don’t appreciate strangers fiddling with my things either, but I’m not hoarding anything too taboo. (Maybe that’s just me!)

What randomness are YOU carrying around day-to-day?


P/S Lest you think I’m censoring the good stuff, the only remaining items in the purse include: Advil, hand lotion, sunglasses and a USB drive. Oh and lots and lots of wrinkly receipts.

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