A delicate flower I am

What Google images presents when you ask for “delicate flower”

Sometimes all it takes is a glance in the wrong direction. Or perhaps too quick a turn. Or maybe, like me, just rolling over in bed. Do you know what I’m talking about? The ever so slight movements that PULL MUSCLES and leave you writhing in misery for the rest of the day or even the week if you do it right? This little note is just a bitchfest on my part because I did, in fact, wrench my back this morning and I’m feeling 108 instead of 80 years younger. So: Waaaaa!

How are you all this fine Fall* morning?


* It IS actually Fall in the desert finally, a chilly 62 degrees and GORGEOUS! The day’s high is promising to cap at 72 and I think that’s just perfect. 

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