A good stretch

Although I am usually not thrilled about attending classes* on the weekend, I was excited to complete the third and final meeting for my playback methodology course today (see here for a rave review and brief explanation). An interesting twist was starting off with Yin Yoga for the first hour. I was the only person to show up early so it was a one-on-one session of stretching and HOLDING the stretch for five minutes at a time. Umm, wow. I’ve only done yoga in a formal capacity a handful of times, and I was nervous about holding poses for so long. Turns out, I’m a big fan of the good stretch.
Even rusty, I’m probably more flexible than 90 percent of the world given my dance training. I think all of those years in the splits have permanently lengthened my muscles. However, I was soooo tight today and skeptical of my teacher’s claim that after awhile my body would just “open up.” Why I’m skeptical about these things anymore is beyond me. The opening up was natural and easy, and felt *so* good. As is typical, I left wondering why I don’t stretch more often.

In any case, after a physically “good stretch,” I thought about the mental stretching going on in my life, both good and bad. I’m in classes like institutional theory and sensemaking that challenge the way I view and approach the world. Learning these new literatures helps me to open up, expand my thought processes and at times, change the way I think. Pretty cool. But then, I’ve also absorbed information recently that shatters my current conception of how the world works. What happens when I don’t want to stretch that far? Or don’t know how? Or can’t fathom it?

Hmm. Who knew stretching could be this complicated?

What “stretches” are you facing lately?


* I spent 10 hours in class this weekend and missed a trip to the beach. Boo!

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