Thursday 13: Counting my blessings

Although utterly predictable, this Thursday 13 is dedicated to the people and places and things I am grateful for this Thanksgiving… in pictures, because I’d rather eat and socialize than type today! 😉

1. Mr. T, the best husband in the world

Kind of excited that I get to stare at this face for eternity.

 2. Fam!


3. Lovely, lovely friends

Best ladies a girl could have.
Friends make time in the desert actually bearable
Some of my favorite people.

4. Technology 

B skyped into my Marm’s 50th. I am eternally grateful to technological advances that keep me close to my peoples.

5. The astounding beauty of nature

Somewhere near Gunnison, CO. Sometimes I forget what gorgeous views make up this world of ours.

6. The ability to go to school 

Rather than show piles of articles, I thought a happy smiling picture of students would be more fun. I continue to feel blessed that I am able to go to school (and keep up with these serious smarties!).

7. Culinary creations

I’m Italian, I like food, what can I say?

8. Pursuing my dreams!

The dream is the pointy PhD hat, not that fabulously creepy expression. Photo from my master’s graduation.

9. Travel

Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island


Aerial view of Eureka Springs, AR. Note the Big Giant Jesus. 😉

10. Health

SO grateful to be ambulatory and well.

11. Time

Even though I don’t have a lot, there’s always time for cupcakes! 
And gardening.


And airplanes!

12. Mem-ries

I love remembering the good times, like swimming with dolphins in Mexico. 
Or B’s graduation from NYU, especially this moment when she finally revealed her new tattoo. Yeah, that’s trash. Hilarious!


Or going to the State Fair with my BFF Heather and my little fiance, Gavin


Or tidepooling in Shelter Cove with my sweetheart.

13. Love, true love.


So much love bursts from these little bodies. (Especially when cupcakes are involved. Note Taylor going in for the steal.)
Fathers and daughters!


Mothers and daughters!


Grandpas and grandsons!


Fathers and daughters!
Uncles and nieces. (This picture makes me cry every time. Yay Eric John)


Hope you have a most blessed Thanksgiving!


P/S Of course, all fabulous wedding photos are from bad-ass Beth Baugher of True Love Photo

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