Thursday 13: Holiday happenings

This will be me soon. Drool and all, I swear. (Credit)

Today I write to you a free woman. For a few days anyway. It’s the end of finals. The end of the most stressful week of my life practically. Papers, exams, grades, travel, meetings, more papers. More, more, more. And now? More fun things. There’s still work to do, but I’ll tell you what. I’ve got 13 fabulous things coming up and I just have to share!

Thursday 13 things:

1. A journey. Mr. T’s flight is delayed, of course, but I will be picking him up this evening and tomorrow, we’ll make our fourth Cactus Land-Sac Town run. Although 12 hours is a long time, we’re good road trippers. AND, I got another Ken Follett audio book for us to enjoy.

2. Digging out. I’ve already started the process in my Cactus Land abode… digging out from the semester, that is. This place is a huge pile of papers and books and clothes and more papers. It’s refreshing to sort and stack and start fresh. Next stop: My desk at home and the crap heap that is the office surrounding it!

3. Betty Crocker town. Christmas presents from the kitchen… pineapple banana bread, Sandi’s pumpkin pear bread, peanut butter blossoms and buck-eyes. Oh my!

4. Sleep. I should’ve put this at the top of the list, but I’m seriously looking forward to the bags under my eyes going away. Hooray for undoing sleep deprivation.

5. Shakin’ my bootie…and the rest of my parts, too. As is customary, gym time disappeared the last few weeks, but believe you me, come Monday, I’m back at it. Dearest Cute Trainer Dude, I’m ready!

6. Holiday cheer. ‘Tis the season and we’ve got a few parties and suppers coming up. Looking forward to annual events and wishing that I could make it to all of ’em.

7. Christmas waffles. A now-annual Christmas tradition, I can’t wait to make my “famous” wafflers for the fam.

8. NOT flying. Been studying the airport this semester, so my bi-weekly flights took on a more meaningful element, but 20 flights in 16 weeks is TOO MANY. Glad to keep my feet on the ground for a few weeks.

9. Unemployment. Well, not really, but this is the first winter break of my LIFE (well, since freshman year of high school anyway) where I haven’t worked over the holidays. Granted, I still have research to complete and my research assistantship to work on, but somehow the prospect of simply NOT going into the office is wonderful.

10. Sista time. Emily and I have a date to see Harry Potter. (I know, I’m the last one on the planet who hasn’t seen it…)

11. Productivity. By this, I mean projects that are mine all mine. Like preparing papers for submission. Building Etsy shops. Planting flowers. The list goes on!

12. Cooking real food. Looking forward to trying at least 10 new recipes over break. I’ll be excited to eat food that isn’t yogurt, sandwiches, soup, or take-out. I’ll be stealing liberally from my blog friend Karen. Other suggestions?

13. T time. Hooray for break. It’ll be the first time since the moon that we get to spend more than five consecutive days together. Woo!

What are YOU looking forward to this holiday season?


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